At Tub’s Audio. At the end of the world. We make sound systems for the future of music. For those who want to have some fun... for those who seek to breath as one.

Our company began as a creative outlet for a mind obsessed with the tremendous power of sound to unite, to heal and to bring change. Tub’s Audio was formally founded in 2013 by then Americas Cup Engineer Tobias Shaughnessy. This logical route, between composite structures, vibrations and sound brought the iterative design process and technological expertise from one of the world’s most competitive engineering races to bear on a much more important issue, that of sound and people.

The power of sound is at the heart of every Tub’s Audio product. Our enchanting acoustics are underpinned by Innovative structures and solid engineering practice. Our sonic signature, informed by euphoric dance floors bathed in sun-down light, shifts the perception of space and time. Our thoughtful design and robust engineering is tested and proven on the 72-hour stages of New Zealand's prodigious festival circuit. We offer the best sound, durability, serviceability and strength, so that you can bring the highest fi every time.

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